At any stage of restaurant development... concept, planning, building, restoring or revitalizing Collins Cuisine

has the ability and experience to execute your project with passion and creativity.

CONCEPT - Implementation of all conceptual aspects including design, d├ęcor, engineering and contracting

PREPARATION - Planning and organizing production, equipment assessment, delivery systems

MENU DEVELOPMENT - Concept, design, plating, evaluation, recipe building, nutrition, organic, vegetarian

STANDARDIZED RECIPE INDEX - Customized recipes, ingredients, techniques and photographs

FOOD COST - Food cost percentage, measurement, portion control, trimming loss, records and waste

PRODUCT SUPPLY - Establish dependable supply of produce and ingredients, product evaluation

STAFFING - Hiring and evaluation, front of the house and back of the house training

TRAINING - HAACP, sanitation, hygiene, safety, storage, handling, cooking techniques, knife skills

MARKETING - Logo, signs, concept, press release, social media, television and radio promotions